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Death Guild new temporary home [Jan. 10th, 2005|12:35 pm]
Most of you probably know already, but for the rest of January only, Death Guild will be at Boondock Bay, which is at 2246 Jerrold Avenue in San Fran.

Tonight's features include giveaways of our "Best Of 2004" CD to the first 100 people, the unveiling of the 2005 "Girls With Guns" Death Guild calendar, and CD+ticket giveaways to the Collide show tomorrow night at the DNA Lounge.

More info, including a link to Yahoo Maps, is here:

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The Birthday Massacre [Dec. 23rd, 2004|01:07 pm]
I have a new favorite band and thought I'd share this with y'all, or at least those of you who haven't already heard of them. They're called The Birthday Massacre, they're from Toronto, and they've operated independently (all material self-released) until recently. Now they're signed to a new label called Repo Records in Germany, and they're also on the cover of December's Zillo Magazine, who describes them as "the newcomer sensation of the year".

I completely agree. They're freaking amazing. I've seen many attempts to describe them by comparison to other bands, but I'd say they're like a cross between Evanescence and Curve. Lush female vocals, danceable rhythms, ethereal and heavy guitars, and excellent production and songwriting on both of their releases. In particular, their song "Video Kid" is one of the catchiest things I've heard in a long time.

Apparently people have been trying to introduce me to this band for a while. Someone gave me a copy of their first CD, Nothing And Nowhere, at Death Guild a few months ago, but it slipped into my black hole of unreviewed demos and was forgotten. At least one other random person has pointed me to their web site, but I'd stupidly failed to follow up. Thankfully now I've learned everything there is to know about this band, and I've ordered a legitimate copy of their re-released debut directly from their web site. This CD is also available from Music Non Stop, and their newest EP is available from Metropolis Mail-Order. Do yourself a favor and check 'em out.

Apparently they may be touring out here in the new year, so watch out for that too, as their shows are supposed to be excellent as well.
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A Muse Once Bit My Sister [Dec. 8th, 2004|07:37 pm]
[music |Bitcrush - Enarc]

I thoroughly enjoyed last night's Faith and the Muse show at the DNA Lounge. Of course I can't resist sharing this snippet of audio, which was their introduction to "Annwyn, Beneath the Waves", the final song of the evening:

Annwyn Intro (600K MP3)

When William describes me as their "1997 Projekt Fest Babysitter", he's recalling the time when I first met them, during the 1997 Projekt Records Festival in Chicago, where they were one of the headlining acts. We all had more than our share of after-partying the night of their performance, but somehow I was the one who -- even though I'd never been there before -- helped them cab safely to each of the various hops (things stay open in Chicago way later than in SF), then to breakfast, and finally back to the hotel where we were all staying. Perhaps "slightly more sober navigator" would be the more applicable term. In any case, I guess their memory of the event is as fond as mine.

The "roadie" comment refers to the fact that, happily, I had no "official" duty at last night's show, other than playing chauffeur/nurse to leendabunny, who was cashiering, and tech/assistant to melting_girl, who was DJ-ing.
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Alas, the Madonna does not function [Oct. 12th, 2004|12:43 pm]
[mood |working]
[music |Lavantgarde - "Inside Out"]

Last night, tjcrowley gave me a copy of a new book called The Goth Bible, just published this month by St. Martin's Press, no less. Looks like a well-researched and presented work, though of course subject to the sensibilities and perceptions of its author. But what floored me is that my music site gets top billing on the list of web links at the end of chapter 5, which is all about goth music. It's also a bit embarrassing, as I haven't posted any updates to the site in two years, though I do have a brand-new (and much more current) replacement site in the works. But still, how cool is that?
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Too close for comfort [Sep. 29th, 2004|12:44 pm]
After watching so many wrong-way freeway chases on "World's Wildest Police Videos", I got a little too close to one of my own. I was driving home from Palo Alto last night and saw this truck's headlights coming towards me, just one lane over. The driver he killed must have been only a few cars behind me, because I could hear the impact. I didn't see much else, though I could tell it was really bad. After calling to report what I'd seen (I am probably the "citizen" referred to below), I continued on home and counted my blessings.

From SFGate.com:

    A Brisbane man allegedly driving the wrong way on U.S. Highway 101 in Millbrae Tuesday night was arrested after his truck was involved in a head-on collision that killed a 27-year-old San Francisco resident, the California Highway Patrol reports today.

    Robert Paul Nebel, 42 was driving a 2000 green Ford Ranger southbound on the northbound lanes of Highway 101 near Millbrae Avenue around 11:18 p.m. when a citizen called 911 to report the incident, according to the CHP.

    A CHP unit started a traffic break using its lights and sirens near Third Avenue to slow traffic and stop Nebel. As the CHP officer made visual contact with Nebel near Anza Boulevard, he did not yield and drove the truck past the CHP unit in the center median, the CHP reported.

    The CHP officer then drove to the next exit in an attempt to get back in position and stop Nebel.

    Nebel's truck was then involved in a head-on collision with a Saturn SL1 and the force of the collision caused fatal injuries to its driver, identified by the San Mateo County Coroner's Office as Nathan Cistone of San Francisco, the CHP reported.

    A green Ford F-250 driven by Ivhen Kim, 30, of South San Francisco, was also involved in this collision and his 32-year-old male passenger suffered minor injuries.

    The CHP reports that Nebel's wrong-way driving also allegedly caused other collisions.

    Nebel was transported to San Francisco General Hospital with minor injuries and was medically evaluated by hospital staff and released, the CHP reported.

    He was then booked into San Mateo County Jail on vehicular manslaughter charges.

    The CHP reported that preliminary indications are that no drugs or alcohol were involved in the collision.

    Anyone with information on the fatal collision is asked to call California Highway Patrol at (650) 369-6261.
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Not making this up [Sep. 22nd, 2004|01:56 pm]
[music |Interlace - "Master"]

In the "wish I'd had my camera with me" department:

The SF Chronicle is a sponsor at SBC Park (home of the Giants). At one point between innings, the stadium's big video screen flashes some headlines from that day's edition of the newspaper. I was at the Giants-Padres game on Sunday and noticed two particular items on the screen. Paraphrasing slightly:

  • "Diver was 10th great white fatality off California coast" (story about a guy killed by a shark in August near Westport), immediately followed by

  • A teaser for the paper's ongoing "Bargain Bites" restaurant review series.

  • I doubt anyone else noticed, but -- ouch!
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    Tackhead in the area! [Sep. 17th, 2004|07:14 pm]
    The show last night certainly rocked the house. kyronfive has already documented the proceedings quite nicely, so I don't need to add much. The band members certainly have aged since they started in 1979, but they're still one of the tightest rhythm sections you'll ever hear. And of course we were treated to a live version of "The Message"! There were probably some people in the audience that thought "aw, how cute, they're covering this old classic"; but no, folks, these were the guys who actually performed the Grandmaster Flash original.

    Some wanted to know how this show compared to the time I saw them at the I-Beam 16 years ago, before Bernard Fowler replaced Gary Clail as MC. Musically speaking, last night's show was just as good, though there certainly was more crowd energy (and a larger crowd) at the 1988 performance. Fowler has a more laid-back style, which you really can't fairly compare to Clail's megaphone rants. The earlier show also had the benefit of Mark Stewart and the Maffia (Tackhead with a different vocalist) as the opening act and more of Adrian Sherwood's freestyle dub-DJ stylings between the sets. So that 1988 show is still #1 on my list, but I thoroughly enjoyed last night's as well.
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    Death Guild 9/13/04 [Sep. 14th, 2004|08:41 pm]
    [mood |amusedamused]
    [music |Drop Black Sky's sound check]

    It was a pretty good night; certainly more people than we've had the past couple of weeks. The Black Tape crew showed up as promised, though I had very little time to chat with them. I trust that they enjoyed the visit and weren't confronted by too many fanboys/girls. I'm looking forward to their show at the DNA Lounge tonight.

    I'm not sure how well my attempts to hype the Tackhead show went over; people did dance to "What's My Mission Now" but I noticed just as many blank stares. Hey, if it persuaded at least one person to check out their show on Thursday then it was worth it.
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    ... And boy are my arms tired! [Sep. 12th, 2004|11:31 pm]
    It's certainly nice to be back home. We had a good time with my mom in Knoxville but she did wear us out, or at least talk our ears off. I think she's managing quite nicely. I can't completely grasp that it's been 3 months since my dad passed away.

    This is going to be a hectic week. Here goes:

    • Monday: Death Guild. The crew from Black Tape For A Blue Girl will be in the house to promote Tuesday night's show at the DNA Lounge. I've known Sam for years and it'll be nice to finally show him what our club is like.
    • Tuesday: the Black Tape show at the DNA Lounge. I'm not working, but leendabunny is supposed to be cashiering.
    • Thursday: Tackhead plays live at The Independent. I can't wait for this; I've only seen them once before, at the I-Beam in 1988, but it was the most amazing live performance I've ever seen.
    • Friday: Death Guild takes over the second room at New Wave City's "Siouxsie Tribute" night. We'll be playing lots of Creatures and other 80s stuff that gets neglected at DG proper.
    • Sunday: the Giants game at SBC Park. If we have any energy left we'll check out the Psyclon 9 show at the DNA.

    Oh, and awaiting me in the mail pile was a big package of new CDs! Off to go listen and review.
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    Honk Honk Blat Wak Wak Wak Ungow! [Sep. 8th, 2004|11:12 am]
    [mood |hungryhungry]
    [music |Stereoskop - Electrika]

    I can resist no more and am now jumping on this bandwagon.  Hopefully I can make up some stuff that will sound interesting.

    Today's agenda: get some work done and get ready to fly to Tennessee for the weekend.  leendabunny and I will be spending some time with my mom, just making sure she's OK.  Oh yeah, and satisfying that craving for Cracker Barrel!

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