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Attention techies:

I need some help from someone who is fluent with Linux, Apache, PHP, and Web Services. If this is not you, feel free to ignore.

We have a third-party command-line app that runs on Linux (CentOS 5.1). All of our other stuff runs on Windows servers (we are basically a Windows shop), so I want to create a simple web service on the Linux server that allows us to remotely execute this command-line app from other machines. I’m guessing that this web service would be implemented using PHP (we have PHP 5.1.6 installed with Apache 2.0), but we’re open to whatever is easiest to make this work.

We can definitely offer compensation for this effort. If interested email me here:

Rapunzel, we're going to the tower!

If you aren't already familiar with my current situation, then I suggest you read leendabunny's most recent entries and get caught up.

I have been at Seton Medical Center since Thursday. The doctor isn't really saying anything about how long I might need to be here, only that they need to keep me on Heparin (IV) and Coumadin (oral) and observe their effects on the blood clotting. I'm guessing it could be at least Friday until they are satisfied enough to let me go home.

There is one bit of good news: I have been moved to a private room, so if you jotted down room 715a from previous postings, then change that to 716.

Flash developer wanted

We are looking for a contract Flash designer/developer to start right away. The candidate must be strong with both Flash design and ActionScript 2.0 programming. Interested parties can email me at:
eklein (at) realitydigital dot com.

Calling all techies

Do any of y'all have experience with colocation providers in the SF area? My fledgling business needs to set up a couple of servers for hosting, and I'm wondering how to find a reliable but not too expensive home for them. I was just going to get business DSL in the house, but apparently I live too far away from the freaking switch.

Thanks in advance.


China (White)


We let her go on Saturday. Within the past few days she experienced severe kidney failure, and we didn't want to subject her to the trauma of kitty dialysis or a transplant or anything like that. She lived a long and happy life for nearly 16 years with leendabunny, including the past two with both of us. We miss her terribly, but that's only when we're not being distracted by:

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